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more433 violent crimes (405 in 2016) 2,301 burglaries and thefts (2,230 in 2016) Top crime type: Larceny/Theft, 1,175 incidents (1,640 in 2016) 2017: 309 assaults, 119 robberies, 206 burglaries, 133 vehicle thefts (2016: 327 assaults, 101 robberies, 141 burglaries, 118 vehicle thefts)The Northern District encompasses the Western Addition, Pacific Heights, Japantown, Polk Gulch, Russian Hill and the Marina.Although the Northern District is geographically one of the smallest, it’s one of the most densely populated with large apartment buildings, senior citizens’ residences, residential hotels, and public housing complexes. Jaimerena was born in the Sunset and grew up on the peninsula.more737 violent crimes (672 in 2016)2,932 burglaries and thefts (3,133 in 2016)Top crime type: Larceny/Theft, 2,254 incidents (2,319 in 2016)2017: 604 assaults, 156 robberies, 211 burglaries, 190 vehicle thefts(2016: 560 assaults, 128 robberies, 268 burglaries, 158 vehicle thefts) less Central Station is located in the center of tourism, commerce, entertainment and civic events.

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Christien Kafton reports An employee at a Safeway store in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries early Tuesday after a shoplifter he confronted stabbed him in the back, police said.

Griffin graduated from the SFPD Academy in 1981 and later earned a degree in Criminal Justice Management.

He has served in the Mission, Southern, Park, Northern and Ingleside stations. Griffin grew up in the Richmond District and attended George Washington High School.

The alleged shoplifter, 34-year-old city resident Michael Pardo, was trying to leave the store at Seventh Avenue and Cabrillo Street at about a.m.

with a basket full of unpaid merchandise when the employee sought to stop him, said Officer Robert Rueca, a police spokesman.

As the men began fighting, the thief’s dog bit the employee on the legs and buttocks, before Pardo stabbed the victim in the back and also tried to stab other workers who rushed to aid the victim, police said.